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-About us -

Junior Chamber International Higashiosaka

The Higashi Osaka Youth Chamber was founded in 1957 as the Fuse Youth Chamber, with the ideal of realizing a bright and rich Higashi Osaka. We are also working on volunteers for better town development, administrative support, youth development, international exchange, and the SDGs, which are our sustainable development goals. In addition, we are also focusing on the development of human resources for urban development. It is composed of young business people aged 20 to 40 who have a sense of responsibility who will be responsible for the next generation of Higashi Osaka.

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- Fundamental Policy for this Fiscal Year -

64th President of
Junior Chamber International Higashiosaka

Takamasa dohi

For fiscal year 2020 the Junior Chamber International Higashiosaka is launching its initiatives under the slogan of ‘Challenging Ourselves to a Better Future for Our City and Its People’. Progress in every period of human history has been produced through young people with the drive to create a brighter future through boldly challenging themselves to overcome various societal issues. History shows that innovation is created through the unlimited potential of these youth. The members of the Junior Chamber challenge themselves to a brighter future by acting as trailblazers of our current age. Their actions are powerful, but performed in good grace, and are focused around producing a sustainable society.

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- About Higashiosaka -

  • Community Development Through Rugby
  • A City of Advanced Manufacturing
  • A City of Traditional Culture and Human Connections
  • Higashiosaka

Higashiosaka is located in the Nakakawachi region of Osaka Prefecture. With a population of approximately 500,000 it is the third-largest city in the prefecture, after the ordinance-designated cities of Osaka and Sakai. Higashiosaka contains one of Japan’s highest concentrations of small and medium businesses, as well as a large number of micro-factories with advanced capabilities. The city includes a large number of firms that have a worldwide presence, including the Higashiosaka Space Development Cooperative (now known as Astro Technology SOHLA). The cooperative was established in December of 2002 and aims to assist in the development of technologies such as satellites. Higashiosaka is also home to the Hanazono Rugby Stadium, which was first opened in 1929. Being almost 90 years old, the stadium is ingrained into the history of rugby in Japan. The city is famous for the Nationwide High School Rugby Championships - held at the end of every year - and is known as a holy ground for rugby fans and as a ‘city of rugby’.

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sustainable development goals
sustainable development goals

The Junior Chamber International Higashiosaka
also supports actions related to sustainable development goals.

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